Solar CAD Detailing- Procedure


A typical set of inputs we need from the client includes:

  • Hand sketch/Photograph of targeted roof along with the existing protuberances and shading
  • Scaling factor of the above image
  • Brand, model number and submittals of the panel to be used
  • Rafter arrangement with spacing
  • Locations of existing utility meter


Locate the building and obtain the image of the building using Google Earth.

  • Place the panel on the roof plan with the identified slope by avoiding protuberances and shadows of objects.
  • Show the attachments and mounts of the panel to the rafters.
  • Plot the electrical connections to the panel with the cable to be used and the junction box.
  • Plot the inter-connections to the support elements, inverter and solar power meter.
  • Prepare a single line diagram of panel arrays with the associated electrical elements and appropriate cables.


 Using the given template, we prepare a set of pdf sheets as deliverables embedding the following:

Site plan & vicinity map

  • Google Earth 3D image of the building, panel location on roof, make, model and number of solar panels with dimensions

Roof plan & panel connection details

  • Arrangement of rafters
  • Panel support attachments
  • Electrical connection between panels, with solar power meters & junction boxes
  • Roof & panel area, roof & panel slope, roof & panel dimensions

Roof attachment details & electrical equipment location

  • ¬†Elevation of the building showing the solar power & utility meters along with other protuberances that are present

Electrical line diagram

  • Electrical single-line diagram depicting the connections between all electrical elements


  • Specifications of panels, inverter, solar power meters, cables, panels
  • NEC code of the state in which the building is located